Learn How A Globalizing World Will Change Your Life – Forever

globalizationMartin Marmolejo’s book, Globalization: Opportunities & Implications (2nd Ed.) is a ground-breaking account of how converging economies and cultures are creating a world full of opportunity, but only if these are brought together in a responsible, intentional manner.

This book lays out stories of countries whose leaders took its people from rags to riches, such as, Singapore. And, Marmolejo documents how other countries with riches beyond our wildest dreams remain in ruin, its people in poverty and hopeless.

Marmolejo, in the second half of the book lays out a roadmap toward success globalization. Calling the Turbo-Charged Global Project, he argues for a method of sustainable, free-market approach to globalization that preserves humanity’s future, lifts people out of poverty, and puts societies on the path to prosperity.

Globalization: Opportunities & Implications is written for the student of global affairs, the journalist, the political scientist, and international business professionals. Social entrepreneurs will stand to gain perspective on their work from this book too, as they build the institutions of the future that are shaping our lives today.

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