The Globalization of Education

Global education

Globalization has had an uneven development in different areas of human knowledge. In some fields, globalization has advanced more thoroughly; like in commerce and trade,technology, sports, and art. Even in the education field, globalization has already made huge strides. Standardizing education to fit global standards has been an age-old practice that has had spectacular developments in the recent decades; for example, the International Baccalaureate program at the high school level. This program has been increasingly … [Read more...]

Five Positive Effects of Globalization You Might Have Missed

There's much that's happening around the world and in your own backyard as world leaders, academics and everyday people like you and me push toward a more unified global existence. These people are asking and finding answers to some of the toughest questions we face. These are five really good articles we found that you might like. Can global governance keep up with globalization? How can world states bring balance and catch up with the effects of globalization? This is a very important question the world forum blog … [Read more...]

Globalization and The Olympics (Part I)


Every four years, during two weeks and a half, the entire world –figuratively speaking– takes a breather to see and learn about high-performance athletes competing with the best-of-the best, in search of  new olympic –and world– records setting and all sort of sports feats. High-performance sports, by nature, must be global in order to make meaningful comparisons. Every athlete’s dream is to stand out around the world. Hence, the global nature of sports in general and particularly of the olympics is beyond any … [Read more...]

Outsourcing: Opportunities, Myths and Realities


Outsourcing is a very widespread practice, with unknown boundaries.  In that respect, the US is a leading nation, as in many other areas. A constructive and realistic way to visualize jobs displacement by outsourcing is as an opportunity to upgrade skills and remuneration. History and experience unmistakably show that, in the long run, excessive emotional attachment to personal working habits does not pay well. An open, flexible mind, with a strong desire to learn new skills, is the best preparation of them all, for … [Read more...]

Are Bubbles A Product of Economic Cycles?

All economic cycles, particularly the long-term -- say more than 5 years -- have a great propensity to generate bubbles in one or several kinds of assets, depending on the variety of circumstances. However, price bubbles will never be very uniform or predictable, either in scope or duration. The biggest misunderstanding about price bubbles is precisely the reason for their existence. The reason is embarrassingly simple: human imperfection. There are three elements involved: Human society has made substantial … [Read more...]

Globalization Wins Five Stars in ForeWord Clarion Review

5 star rating_globalization

Reviews are important for authors, because it shows other's approve of their work, and offers readers insight into the work that is objective. Today my book earned a five out of five star rating and was reviewed by ForeWord Clarion Reviews,  a print magazine and online review service for readers, booksellers, book buyers, publishing insiders, universities and librarians. Read the review here. ForeWord Clarion Review reaches 20,000 print subscribers and about 150,000 people visit the review service's website every … [Read more...]