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globalizationWhile we do enjoy keeping this blog, it is used to promote our book, a compendium of globalization facts that help you understand the true opportunities that lay ahead. And we believe the secret to global prosperity is closer than we think.

Globalization is the most sublime social tool humanity has to improve society, starting with the individual. Used effectively, it can finally put us on track to solving our most pressing problems with the potential to substantially increase the world’s quality of life — particularly for those several billion human beings who need it most. Fortunately, there is monumental room for improvement.

In our book, we cover the principal aspects of globalization by tackling several topics from a multidisciplinary angle—social, historical, geopolitical, strategic, economic, business, and philosophical.

Strand by strand, we unravel a series of myths and unfounded fears about globalization, covering the main variables that influence the success or failure of this ever-present phenomenon. We delve into countries around the world and analyze each society’s main characteristics with its inseparable economic implications, to unveil a practical, purposeful plan to move world society forward, which are based on already proven strategies and results.

Our most popular end-of-year posts, just in case you missed them:


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