New Edition of the Book Globalization: Opportunities and Implications Now Available

Last year we released the first edition of our book Globalization: Opportunities and Implications as a resource to college students and professors. This year we thoroughly revised and expanded the second edition, included sixteen additional countries—for a grand total of 75 nations covered in our in-depth country analysis—along with updated statistics.


Globalization takes students by the hand to understand the complex yet fascinating globalization phenomena from a multidisciplinary standpoint:

  • Historical
  • Geopolitical
  • Social
  • Strategic
  • Philosophical
  • Economic
  • Financial

ForeWord Reviews awarded 5 stars to GlobalizationHere’s a highlight:

Martin Marmolejo has done a masterful job of collecting, organizing, and distilling information in a volume that is easy to navigate. The breadth and depth of Globalization suggests this book could be the single reference required for the reader who needs to know more about any aspect of the global economy.

The new book is available on Amazon.

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