Value-Driven Social Enterprise Lead Globalization

Today is Social Enterprise Day and it’s an important movement toward globalizing business that recognizes value-driven companies are leading the way to a better life for people around the world. Last year, Inc magazine wrote a piece on How to Build a Value-Driven Business, which outlined some important points we would like to share with you.

  1. Value-driven business are mission focused (and the mission isn’t to make shareholder’s portfolios more green).
  2. Value-driven business, instead, aligns it mission to a demand in the marketplace.
  3. Value-driven business builds from a foundation deeply rooted in the mission.
  4. Value-driven business does one thing very good. Focus is key to success.
  5. Value-driven business works in the sun light and never hides anything.
  6. Value-driven business treats its workers well.
  7. Value-driven business builds its teams and invests in its people at all levels.
  8. Value-driven business invests in education and take a “life-long learning” approach to team build and stance toward the marketplace.
  9. Value-driven business practices socially responsible marketing communications.
  10. Value-driven business are dogged about profit, but not for its own sake.
  11. Value-driven business incorporates as a B-corp; it’s a higher standard of business than S-corp, C-corp, and LLC.

To start a sustainable business that addresses a market need and is driven by a mission focused on improving lives, you may need start-up money. We found some great advice on honing your pitch to venture capitalists.  Here’s the jest:

  • Have a solid business plan that follows a sustainable business model.
  • Craft your pitch to explain the 5 W’s and H in less than 8 seconds.
  • Know how you’re pitching to.
  • Be clear. Be crisp. And deliver with charm.

Finally, we want to add some resources you could use to learn more about social entrepreneurship, social enterprises and the organizations that are supporting these endeavors.

Resources for Social Entrepreneurship

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