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Comments on True Progressivism.


We could not agree more with this week’s cover article on The Economist, True Progressivism: The new politics of capitalism and inequality.

 A new form of radical centrist politics is needed to tackle inequality without hurting economic growth.

–– The Economist

The contemporary economic and political system has not experienced any major upgrade since the foundation of the United States. It is time for a drastic, virtuous change. How to go about it? There are no easy answers. The extremely complex situations within and among developed nations do not lend themselves well for major constructive change in the near term. Developed nations have many loose bolts that have to be tightened to open the way for what is required. Thus, it seems that from that angle, it may take a long time (maybe decades) for that virtuous evolution to materialize, if at all.

The urgency of the matter is unquestionable. The time has come for a Global Social Revolution. With those ideas in mind, an original and provocative approach is offered in my book Globalization. In essence, it consists in jump-starting and fast-tracking economic growth in failed nations. The initiative is called the Turbo-charged Global Project (TGP) and is based on applying, in a systematic manner, the major factors at work in formerly very poor nations that have recently transformed themselves from rags to riches in just a few decades. Download the TGP whitepaper (490).

Those countries are the most powerful, uncontroversial testimony that a profound virtuous transformation from rags to riches can be accomplished anywhere, anytime, provided that the TGP system is appropriately implemented. Through a reverse/engineered analysis, those factors have been de-codified and the proposed TGP system has emerged.


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