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Why History Defines Our Future

TweetAnticipating the future is always extremely difficult, and most of the time it proves to be highly inaccurate. Nonetheless, making intelligent inferences about the most likely future outcomes is a crucial task for individuals, society and businesses in general. Planning could not exist without it. There are two elements of utmost importance, as an indispensable […]

Understanding Historic Economic Theory

TweetHistory cannot be properly understood without an adequate comprehension of basic economics. Human knowledge is holistic, a big piece of integrated, well-structured experiences. Specialization in learning is a good thing, but it should not be carried away too far, since doing so creates all kinds of misunderstandings due to partial comprehension of how things work. […]


Globalization: A Constant Throughout the Ages

Tweet Globalization has been the ever present means of mankind’s evolution. A constant throughout the ages. There is a need to understand how globalization is not only this intangible phenomenon we are all participants in –whether we are aware of it or not, but an extremely powerful tool we can use as a mold for our […]

The Momentous Nature of the Opportunity Cost Concept

Tweet We start each day making choices – “should I hit the snooze button and get 10 more minutes of sleep, or should I get up and start my day 10 minutes earlier?”. Immersed in our daily routines, we sometimes forget that every choice we make (even the tiniest ones) have an opportunity cost implied. […]

Singapore-Congo Comparison

What do Singapore and Congo (DRC) have in common?

TweetAt first glance, not much. Singapore is a tiny nation, both population and territory wise, whereas Congo is a large one, in both accounts. Singapore is deprived of many of the most basic natural resources –it doesn’t even have enough supply of drinking water, not to mention any oil or minerals in its tiny territory. […]

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Top 10 Posts of Understand Globalization

Putin, Russia, Ukraine, and the Globalized World When ordering the Russian Army to take control of key points of Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula on the first weekend of March, it is highly unlikely that Vladimir Putin had appropriately contemplated the full financial and economic implications of such a decision. Read More Globalization and The Olympics (Part […]

Former USSR Countries 2

The Former Soviet Republics: A Recapitulation (Part Two)

  One of the many fascinating subjects of analysis in globalization is how the former Soviet republics have evolved after the 1991 implosion of the USSR to this date. Continued from Part One of this series, the table below summarizes some key information, an indispensable element in order to make an objective assessment based on […]


Is Panama Taking Off for Good?

Panama was formed as an independent nation in 1903, by a separation from Colombia. Since then until 2009 Panama had been a typical underdeveloped nation, basically characterized by mediocre government management. On July 1st of 2009, Ricardo Martinelli was sworn in as Panama’s president; his term expires shortly, next June 30. The transformations that president […]

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Former USSR Countries

The Former Soviet Republics: A Recapitulation (Part One)

Communism Schmommunism Not all former Soviet countries were created equal. In fact, some of those nations experienced their own post-Soviet versions of communism, which later on, after getting rid of the humiliating subjugation they suffered under the communist regime, once that deplorable government system collapsed at the beginning of the 90s, it allowed them to […]

Czech Republic, Poland, and Hungary

Viktor Orban, Hungary, and the World

Last weekend’s victory of Viktor Orban’s Fidesz (Fiatal Demokraták Szövetsége- Alliance of Young Democrats) party in Hungary’s elections casts a long and ominous shadow on European, and even in the world’s, liberal democratic tradition and practice. Orban won his re-election at the polls for a second four-year term as Prime Minister. He had already been […]

Sir John Cowperthwaite

Sir John James Cowperthwaite and Hong Kong’s Domino Effect

The world is indebted to some remarkable human beings that, from time to time, have made such momentous contributions that have virtuously impacted the entire world, changing the way it interacts. Such is the case of Sir John Cowperthwaite (1915–2006). The Scottish born economist and statesman was the chief architect behind Hong Kong’s spectacular rise […]

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